Безэкипажные надводные аппараты-камикадзе типа Sea Baby

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Основная информация

Страна постройки:
На службе:
2023 – настоящее время (1 год)

Главные размерения

2 т
5.5 м
1.5 м
0.4 м


Силовая установка:
  • 2 * Pump-jet
22 уз

Боевые силы и средства

Грузовые возможности:
  • 850 kg * load capacity
  • mesh radio with air-based repeater or SatCom
  • 1 * anti-tank missile systems or 1* RPV-16 rocket launchers or 1* machine guns in remotely operated installations

The Sea Baby unmanned surface vehicle represents the second generation of naval drones for the Ukrainian Navy and serves as the pioneering example of an above-watercraft with integrated armaments within the Ukrainian Defense Forces. It features the capability of mounting launcher units for missile armaments, ranging from two to six transport-launch containers on the stern section of the platform.

The water displacement of the maritime drone varies from 1 to 5 tons, ensuring excellent performance in coastal areas. Moreover, these dimensions allow for deployment on unprepared coastlines.

Currently, it is unknown whether these new drones are used as «kamikazes» or if they are reusable. However, as experts suggest, the missile armament aims to cause more significant damage and divert attention before the direct detonation of the maritime drone.

The deployment of the Ukrainian Sea Baby maritime drone with missile armament in December 2023 marked the first instance of a similar type of unmanned vehicle attacking an adversary's surface combatant ship using integrated onboard armaments.

This event highlights the rapid development of unmanned surface systems and the enhancement of their firepower through the integration of new missile armaments.

Such maritime platforms can accommodate remotely controlled missile armaments similar to anti-tank missile systems, as well as RPV-16 rocket launchers and machine guns in remotely operated installations.

It is reported that besides the drone itself, equipped with autopilot systems, video subsystems including night vision, backup communication modules, and combat components, there is also a ground-based autonomous control station, a transportation and storage system, and a data processing center.

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