Staten Island Ferry

Staten Island Ferry is the last operating line of the once vast ferry system of New York. The service was transporting people between Manhattan and the future sleeping area of Staten Island long before the bridges were built. Today, Staten Island Ferry provides a passenger flow of 22 million people a year.

Abbreviations of Soviet trawlers types

Abbreviations Soviet trawlers.

Classification tankers by deadweight

Classification of bulk tankers AFRA scale and commercial scale (Flexible market scale). The history of the classification of bulk tankers.

The largest naval exercise Valiant Shield 2009

Exercise Valiant Shield was a large United States military war game held 19–24 June 2006 in the Pacific Ocean.

The real model of a pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee

This model of Kriegsmarine pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee. Scale 1:20 — impressive. The length of the ship is more than 9 meters.