El Radii-class frigate (MEKO A-200AN)

2 years ago
El Radii-class frigate (MEKO A-200AN) 0El Radii-class frigate (MEKO A-200AN) 1El Radii-class frigate (MEKO A-200AN) 2El Radii-class frigate (MEKO A-200AN) 3
Parent class:

Similar to the Valour class, the MEKO A-200 AN seems to be fitted with the unusual CODAG-WARP system (COmbined Diesel And Gas turbine-WAter jet and Refined Propellers) which consists in a water-jet drive, in addition to two propellers.

  • SAAB Sea Giraffe AMB 3-D surveillance radar
  • ATLAS ASO hull mounted sonar
  • SAAB CEROS 200 optronic/fire control radar
  • 4 * Rheinmetall MASS decoy launchers¬†
  • 2 * WASS/Finmeccanica MORPHEUS acoustic countermeasures launching systems (on each side of the VLS cells. Navy Recognition originally though these were SAGEM NGDS decoy launchers but a TKMS representative confirmed this actually is a WASS system.)
  • 16 * SAAB RBS 15 Mk3 anti-ship missiles
  • 32 * VLS for Denel Umkhonto-IR surface to air missiles
  • 1 * Oto Melara 127/64 LW 127 mm main gun (possibly with VULCANO ammunition)
  • 2 * MSI 30 mm guns (possibly SEAHAWK A2 model)
  • 2 * MU90 torpedo launchers
  • Helicopter
  • Helipad
  • Hangar

Two MEKO A-200AN frigates, Erradii, and El Moudamir, were built for the Algerian Navy by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, in a further development of the Valour-class design.

El Radii was the first German built MEKO A-200AN frigate commissioned with the Algerian Navy.According to a scale model of the MEKO A-200AN frigate on display on the CMN/Privinvest booth during Euronaval 2014.

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