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Авианосец «Фуцзянь» (18)

Авианосец «Фуцзянь» (18) 0Авианосец «Фуцзянь» (18) 1Авианосец «Фуцзянь» (18) 2


Основная информация

Назван в честь:
Провинция Фуцзянь
Cпущен на воду:

Главные размерения

71 875 т
316 м
76 м
11 м


Силовая установка:
  • Conventional with integrated electric propulsion

Боевые силы и средства

  • Shenyang J-15
  • Chengdu J-20
  • Shenyang FC-31

Fujian (18) or the Type 003 aircraft carrier is a second-generation Chinese aircraft carrier under outfitting for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China. It is named after Fujian province situated west of the 110-mile-wide Taiwan Strait. Launched on June 17, 2022, Fujian is China’s first aircraft carrier with an fully indigenous design, featuring a CATOBAR system and electromagnetic catapults.

The Type 003 class was originally unofficially called Type 002 when Shandong, China's then-incomplete second carrier, was believed to be designated Type 001A. Shandong's official designation, Type 002, was revealed during commissioning. Observers hence believed the third carrier will be Type 003.

The Type 003 is expected to use integrated electric propulsion (IEP) and electromagnetic catapults, whereas preceding Chinese carriers were conventionally powered and launched aircraft with ski jumps.

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