The supply vessel Blue Guardian launched the Kerch shipbuilding plant Zaliv

7 years ago
The supply vessel Blue Guardian launched the Kerch shipbuilding plant Zaliv

Kerch Shipbuilding Plant Zaliv launched two vessels to service drilling platforms ordered by Danish and Norwegian companies.

The project cost was 11 million euros. The length of each vessel is 80 meters, displacement — 2000 tons. Construction of ships lasted 7 months. The ships that came out of the factory dock are just corps. Most of the equipment, including power plants, will be installed already in the Danish and Norwegian ports, where ships will arrive in a month.

These ships will become the next ships of the numerous series of ULSTEIN PX121, and are intended for supplying, transporting teams and minor repair of offshore platforms in the Barents Sea and other seas. Let me remind you that in 2007 Norwegian shipbuilders developed their own unique project of a new generation ship X-Bow, which differs from typical ships with excellent seaworthiness, and now this project successfully advances on the maritime shipping market and the marine industry.

In the period since 2006, the shipyard Zaliv has built 31 vessels for companies from Portugal, Germany, Denmark and Norway. Another four vessels are planned for launch in the spring of 2013. According to the director for the construction of the buildings of the Norwegian company-customer Yarli Ozimura: «Orders are completed on time, and we are very satisfied with the work of Ukrainian shipbuilders.» Considering the long-term experience of cooperation, representatives of the Norwegian company hope for further close cooperation. In addition, the shipyard Zaliv receives no subsidies from the state.

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